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WhO in the hell is Trey brown?


 Trey Brown is a native son of Montgomery, Alabama, making him equally at home among sinners, winners, and fried chicken dinners. Born and raised on a steady diet of whiskey and minimal self-awareness, Trey has acquired a winning smile, a “great” sense of “humor”, and a really big wiener. Yes. That is how it works.

 Equal parts thought provoking and fart joking, southeastern in diet and dialect, Trey might fool you at first glance. Don't let him, though. Beneath the southern accent, the flannel shirts, and the whiskey binges, you won't find a "blue-collar comedian". No, you won't find Trey sporting camouflage during deer season or hibernating in Paula Dean’s ass during the winter; he's far more likely telling dick jokes to strangers.

 Trey has performed on stages across the southeast, including the Punchline (Atlanta) and the Comedy Zone (Fort Walton Beach), and continues to lengthen his reach. He is the host and producer of the monthly feature show Hookah HaHa at Barra Hookah, and the host and producer of Capital City Comedy Presents at The Sanctuary. Trey also produces and hosts trivia at GTSouth Geek and Gaming Tavern. He is a founding member of Capital City Comedy, and is, along with other CCC members, responsible for establishing Montgomery, Al as a viable stop for touring comedians. Trey now handles most of the comedy booking in Montgomery, Al.